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Key Per·for·mance In·di·ca·tor   /kē  pərˈfôrməns ˈindiˌkātər/   (abbr.: KPI)

KPIs help to get insight in your business performance -- "What gets measured, gets managed". KPIs are also known as performance metrics, business indicators, and performance ratios.


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For efficient performance management executives need to be able to attain business performance ratios in real time. Constantly updated and visualized business performance graphics, without human interference. Accessible at any time through mobile cloud business intelligence software with any Internet connected device: smart-phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

In order to help executives run their business and make the right decisions based on facts and trends in real time, KPI Library delivers the KPI content for business performance ratios. The solution also comes with KPI scorecards, dashboards KPI benchmarks and mobile business performance reporting tools. KPI Library delivers this as a cloud based business intelligence SaaS. Nothing to install, directly available, no upfront investments.

Always being up to date about what is happening with your business is a key part of business management. The cloud-based KPI Library data collector connects to any application with a database such as SAP, Oracle, SQL server but also to other SaaS applications such as Salesforce or NetSuite. No matter if you are on the road, at home, in the office or in a meeting. KPI Library extends your existing business Intelligence with business performance ratios reporting SaaS and makes your key business performance ratios mobile, in real time.