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The process of transmitting information over a distance by any electrical or electromagnetic medium. Information may take the form of voice, video, or data. Electromagnetic transmission media include telephone lines, cable, microwave, satellites, and light beams.

KPIs in ‘Telecommunications’
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The general formula for availability is: Availability = [MTBF/(MTBF+MTTR)] x 100 Availability is a function of the total service time, the mean time between failure ...
This KPI is most used for:
Operational Excellence

Mean Time To Detect (MTTD)

MTTD would be the difference between the onset of any event that is deemed revenue impacting and its actual detection by the technician who then ...
This KPI is most used for:
Operational Excellence

WLR Repair: Average time to restore service

Average time (in working hours) to achieve restored service after a fault has been registered. Measure for each defined service level.
This KPI is most used for:
Operational Excellence
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