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KPIs in ‘UBPR Summary Ratios’
tagged with ‘equity’

Average Earning Assets/Average Assets

Year-to-date average of average total loans (net of unearned income) in domestic and foreign offices, lease-financing receivables, U.S. Treasury, Agency and Corporation obligations, mortgage backed ...
This KPI is most used for:
Operational Excellence

Restructured + Non-Accrual + RE ACQ to EQCAP, ALLL

The sum of loans and leases which are on non-accrual, restructured but 30–89 days past due, restructured but over 90 days past due, restructured and ...
This KPI is most used for:
Cost Leadership

Retain Earns to Average Total Equity

Net income, less cash dividends declared, divided by average equity capital.
This KPI is most used for:
Cost Leadership
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