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KPIs in ‘VRM Project Portfolio’
tagged with ‘engineering’

Engineering Change Notice Cycle Time

This ratio indicates a firm’s responsiveness to engineering changes. Average response time for engineering change in production provides an average lead-time for incorporating the change. ...
This KPI is most used for:
Operational Excellence

Design Effort

Average number of engineering man-months for each design released to production. This ratio shows the resources required to produce a design. All non value-added work ...
This KPI is most used for:
Cost Leadership

Number of Engineering Changes

Average number of monthly engineering changes approved for each design. A high ratio may indicate poor upfront product design, especially if the number of engineering ...
This KPI is most used for:
Operational Excellence

Engineering Change Order Impact

Total number of days engineering changes impacts the delivery date.
This KPI is most used for:
Operational Excellence
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