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Stacey Barr

Stacey Barr

Performance Measure Specialist

Australia | Professional Services - Training, Coaching

CASE STUDY: 3 Common Mistakes to Avoid With Your XmR Charts (Part 1)

Posted 12 days ago, 0 comments
Some legacy habits with how we analyse our data often sneak surreptitiously into our XmR charts, and these habits make our XmR charts incapable of highlighting the real signals in our performance measures.

3 Essential Signals to Look for in Your KPIs

Posted about 1 month ago, 2 comments
You won’t find true signals of changes in performance by looking at month-to-month comparisons, or trendlines, or moving averages. The signals you really need to know about, the only signals that you ought to respond to, are revealed through one particular graph only.

9 Rules of KPI Buy-in

Posted about 1 month ago, 0 comments
I used to think that performance measurement was about the techniques of selecting, collecting, analysing, presenting, and interpreting data to inform decision making. It’s true that technique is an important part of the process, but I’ve been excited to learn that performance measurement is mostly about the people.

5 Basic KPI Quantification Formulae

Posted 2 months ago, 0 comments
By far the most common quantification formulae used for performance measures are counts and percentages. They’re easy. But they’re not always appropriate.

9 Steps to Avoid Analysis Paralysis

Posted 3 months ago, 0 comments
When it comes to cause analysis for performance measures, many people put the cart before the horse. They rush too quickly to analyse their data without first establishing a clear purpose.