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Stacey Barr

Stacey Barr

Performance Measure Specialist

Australia | Professional Services - Training, Coaching

The Toughest Things to Measure

Posted about 7 hours ago, 0 comments
Measure Up LinkedIn Group members collaborated with me to create this list of the toughest things to measure in business. What are they and what makes them so tough to measure?

Why Dashboard Dials and Gauges Are Useless for KPIs

Posted 20 days ago, 7 comments
Stephen Few's arguments about dashboard gauges and dials can be summed up nicely in his own words: they "say little and do so poorly". Agreed. But there's one specific reason that gauges and dials totally suck when it comes to KPIs.

Quantitative Versus Qualitative KPIs

Posted 29 days ago, 1 comment
One of the ways that people like to classify their KPIs and performance measures is by whether they are quantitative or qualitative. Should we do it? And if we do, are we doing it right?

How to Create a KPI Terminology

Posted about 1 month ago, 3 comments
My client D.K. asks: "What terminology can we use to understand the different types of performance measures and KPIs?"

Why You Should Avoid Customer Satisfaction and Customer Complaints KPIs

Posted 2 months ago, 3 comments
They are the two most used measures for customer performance: customer satisfaction and customer complaints. But they aren't the most useful measures if you want to truly drive the success of your organisation or business.