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Stacey Barr
Stacey Barr
Performance Measure Specialist

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My four favourite blogs for great analytics tips

Posted over 9 years ago

There’s so much great information out there, we often feel so overwhelmed we absorb virtually none of it!

Analytics, being the hot topic it is now (you and I have always known it as data analysis, but the world needs a funky word as a ‘hook’), is one such subject that quickly induces said overwhelm.

Take heart: I’m going to share my four favourites with you, so you can get started with picking up a few great tips for better data analysis and reporting, from some of the best out there.

#4 The Dashboard Spy, by… well… The Dashboard Spy

Great for lots of examples of a very wide variety of dashboards, but also to see examples of KPIs being used in various sectors and industries too.

The Dashboard Spy offers a few comments on the dashboards he/she has spied on. Make sure you see the Olympics Dashboard for medal counts! It’s gorgeous.

#3 Occam’s Razor, by Avinash Kaushik

This is a Mecca for web analytics tips & tricks, and measures & performance ratios. Avinash writes prolifically, and very engagingly, and his blog is a regular port of call when I’m fine-tuning and interpreting my own web metrics.

Even though it’s very much about web analytics, you can learn a lot from how he writes about performance indicators and data, which you can apply to other areas.

#2 Excel User, by Charley Kyd

This is a very cool blog. Loads of practical information and examples for using Microsoft Excel for great-looking performance reports and analyses.

It even includes instructions for how to create the groovy little bullet graphs that Stephen Few invented to replace silly, useless dashboard gauges and dials.

I had no idea Excel could do this until I discovered this site. If you use Excel for any kind of reporting or analysis, make time to check this one out. You’ll be blown away and equipped to dazzle with your next graphs and performance reports.

#1 Perceptual Edge, by Stephen Few

You already know that Stephen Few is one of my heroes—I love his beautiful books and he’s a great guy too.

His blog is information-rich on the topic of Visual Business Intelligence, and he’s always pulling in ideas from other great thinkers, outside the traditional bounds of business intelligence, which makes Steve’s site generally interesting too.


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Vanessa K.
Vanessa K.
Problem Manager at Lockheed Martin Australia

Thanks for sharing this information Stacey, it is so difficult to produce whiz bang analytics with no training or experience and no training provided by the business (in these tough economic times). If it wasn’t for some of the sharing individuals in these kinds of communities people like me, tasked with providing the silver bullet metrics would be lost. So thanks to all the helpful soles out there for sharing.

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Stacey Barr
Stacey Barr
Performance Measure Specialist

In reply to vanessa K.:


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