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Dan Kane

Dan Kane

Business Process Consultant at ServiceNow

United States | Technology - Software-as-a-Service

What makes for a compelling metrics story?

Posted almost 6 years ago, 0 comments
In my first article Do your metrics tell a story? I discussed the “traditional” approach to reporting metrics, and why that approach is ineffective at driving action or decisions. Personal observations are far more effective. Personal observations appearing to conflict with the data presented can actually strengthen opposition to whatever decision or action the data suggests. Presenting data as part of a story reboots the way we receive data. Done well, it creates an experience very similar to personal observation. So how can we do this well? What makes a compelling metrics story?

Do Your Metrics Tell a Story?

Posted almost 6 years ago, 1 comment
Why should I pay attention to, act on, or react to, your metrics if there is no compelling reason for me to do so? We have to give our audience a reason to care. We want the audience of ITSM metrics to do something as a result of the metrics. The metrics should tell a story that is compelling to your intended audience.

First Contact Resolution is the last refuge of a scoundrel

Posted about 6 years ago, 1 comment
"Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel" -- This quote came to mind after reading a comment on another ITSM blog. The comment indicated that the core service desk metrics needed for senior management were first contact resolution (FCR), mean time to repair/resolve (MTTR), SLA compliance, and customer satisfaction. This was just a given. I come across that and similar perspectives frequently through client interactions and other online discussions, so I assume this perspective remains fairly mainstream.