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Timeless wisdom from the experts on KPIs & Performance Measurement.
Stacey Barr

Why You Should Avoid Customer Satisfaction and Customer Complaints KPIs

Posted by Stacey Barr about 1 month ago, 3 comments
They are the two most used measures for customer performance: customer satisfaction and customer complaints. But they aren't the most useful measures if you want to truly drive the success of your organisation or business.

4 Design Principles For Usable Performance Reports

Posted 2 months ago, 3 comments
Performance reports that are put together with two font styles – one for the normal text and one for the headings – aren’t just boring and monotonous to the eye. They are also hard to navigate, and make it quite a challenge to find the information you need rapidly and frustration-free.

What Lululemon Probably Isn’t Measuring (But Should Be If They Want to Retain Their Customers)

Posted 3 months ago, 0 comments
As a self-confessed Lululemon addict, I've been following their website and blogs for a couple of years now. My interest is in their product (for my running and yoga wardrobe) but also in their business model. I noticed a few lead indicators of their recent public relations catastrophe that apparently they didn't.

How to Help the Project-Oriented Become Results-Oriented

Posted 3 months ago, 6 comments
Subscriber Sue asks: "My biggest challenge is that senior management doesn't want their strategy to be results focused or necessarily strategic - instead they focus on a plethora of new projects. How do you convince leadership of the importance of having a results-oriented strategy and making it measurable?

How Do You Embed Measurement, Minus The Red Tape?

Posted 4 months ago, 1 comment
One of my Measure Up subscribers, Ben, is a performance professional in a large private sector company, with this question: "How do we embed measurement in an organisation without creating red tape?"

If You Were To Measure Christmas

Posted 4 months ago, 1 comment
In the PuMP Measure Design technique, one of the steps is to describe the result you want to measure in sensory specific language. This is a completely new concept to just about everyone, and they usually need a demonstration of what sensory specific language is. So here goes...