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Timeless wisdom from the experts on KPIs & KPIs 101.
The Librarian


Posted by The Librarian almost 11 years ago, 3 comments
It is often said that KPIs should be SMART. But at KPI Library we believe KPIs should be SMARTER. Let us explain:
Stacey Barr

7 Comebacks to “That’s not measurable!”

Posted by Stacey Barr almost 11 years ago, 5 comments
Admit it - you've uttered these words yourself at some point, when you were faced with a goal or result that was rather intangible or fluffy and no measure immediately came to mind for it: "It's not measurable!"

What's The Silver Bullet of Customer Measures?

Posted almost 11 years ago, 0 comments
It would be fabulous if we could have just one single customer related measure that told us all we need to know to build a huge, profitable and loyal customer base. But many of those measures are used wrongly.

3 Types of Powerful Process Measures

Posted almost 11 years ago, 0 comments
How a railway manager solved a significant customer problem by looking at the whole process and using three types of measures to find the bottleneck and fix it.

How Often Should You Track Your Measures?

Posted about 11 years ago, 3 comments
Because performance measures are feedback, you need to track them often enough for the feedback to be of any use in guiding your decisions and actions to improve performance.
Peter Geelen

Rule 1: it starts with a good change message.

Posted by Peter Geelen about 11 years ago, 0 comments
Building an excellent KPI structure is critical for implementing a good Performance Management framework for your company. It is the foundation for communicating and improving performance, day in day out. But how do you build a KPI structure that lasts? Rule 1 out of 10: it starts with a good change message that’s linked to strategy.