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Timeless wisdom from the experts on KPIs & BI & Analytics.
Gary Cokins

What Will be the Next New Management Breakthrough?

Posted by Gary Cokins almost 10 years ago, 4 comments
Since the 1890s there have arguably been only a few major management breakthroughs with several minor ones. What will be the next big tsunami in management that can differentiate leading organizations from also-rans lagging behind them? I suggest one possibility at the conclusion of this blog.
Stacey Barr

My four favourite blogs for great analytics tips

Posted by Stacey Barr almost 10 years ago, 2 comments
There’s so much great information out there, we often feel so overwhelmed we absorb virtually none of it!
Karel van der Poel

How to measure a Software as a Service (SAAS) business

Posted by Karel van der Poel almost 10 years ago, 0 comments
A couple of days ago I had the pleasure to talk to David Skok. David is a venture capitalist at Matrix Partners, a 5 time serial entrepreneur and a strong believer in the metrics driven organization. He wrote an excellent article on how to measure and manage a SAAS business:
Frank Buytendijk

Making BI A Profitable Activity

Posted by Frank Buytendijk almost 10 years ago, 1 comment
Sometimes, the business case for BI can be overwhelmingly clear: BI can contribute to the top line by itself, by treating it as a product or service for customers. Take a look at this videoblog to find out how.
Gary Cokins

Is Business Analytics Just Another Passing Fad?

Posted by Gary Cokins about 10 years ago, 3 comments
Some of my most enjoyable years of my work career were employed as a consultant with Deloitte. Although they were from 1982-88, I remember them well as a formative period. I proudly refer to myself as a Deloitte alumnus comparable to a graduate from a university, and I enjoy receiving Deloitte’s newsletters. One of their communications is “Deloitte Debates” that recently posed a question if business analytics is another passing fad. Since I am a believer that applying business analytics is a competitive edge game changer, I was glad to see supportive replies from their leaders. Here are a few excerpt quotes from the debate:
Frank Buytendijk

Business Intelligence: Integration is the innovation

Posted by Frank Buytendijk about 10 years ago, 0 comments
Please watch my next videoblog. It discusses how business applications and business intelligence learn from each other. BI becomes more process-oriented, and dashboard become part of business applications.