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The Librarian

Pie Charts and Gauges are bad visualisation formats.

Posted by The Librarian over 10 years ago, 2 comments
Most people tend to be in love with Gauges and Pie-Charts. They look nice, are colorful and create the perception of true executive dashboards. But many experts will agree that Pie Charts and Gauges are a poor visualization for KPI data and a poor visualization format for executive dashboards,
Gary Cokins

We Need Dustin Hoffman Again – Now to hear “Statistics” not “Plastics”

Posted by Gary Cokins over 10 years ago, 0 comments
In an August 6, 2009 New York Times (NYT) article For Today’s Graduate, Just One Word: Statistics I am reminded of the famous cinema quote of advice to Dustin Hoffman in his career breakthrough 1967 movie The Graduate. It occurs when a self-righteous Los Angeles businessman takes aside the baby-faced Dustin Hoffman and declares, "I just want to say one word to you – just one word – ’plastics.’ ”

James Taylor’s Explanation of Analytics

Posted over 10 years ago, 3 comments
James Taylor, one of the IT analyst thought leaders of the broadening scope of business intelligence, has written a thoughtful piece titled <a href=" target=_new>Analytics simplify data to amplify its value. In his article James states that he likes his article’s title as a succinct description of analytics. He states:
(Simplifying data to amplify its value) always struck me as going to the core of analytics – the power of analytics to turn huge volumes of data into a much smaller amount of information and insight. … In every case the analytics are simplifying the data (a picture, a graph, an equation not thousands of rows of data) and yet amplifying its value by showing a data consumer what the data means. … IT people need to educate themselves on the role of these different kinds of analytics and their potential. … . Your systems store and manage data so something that makes that data more valuable makes your systems more valuable.
There is some danger when people talk about the keep-it-simple-stupid KISS rule. They forget its corollary LOVE rule – leave-out-virtually-everything. Too simple may be insufficient to draw correct conclusions. James understands this balance, and he has been an advocate of good decision making regardless of all the buzzwords the IT community may use. Many organizations are drowning in data but often starving for information. I’m with James. Performance management methodologies imbedded with analytics of all flavors unleashes the potential power for good decisions buried in data from transactional systems.

USA Federal Government’s Dashboards – Reporting, Managing or Improving?

Posted almost 11 years ago, 0 comments
I recently glanced at two websites published by the USA Federal government that display information about its “major” information technology investments and other data. The Office of Management and Budget produces the IT Dashboard website. The General Services Administration hosts the website that was created by the Federal CIO Council, as a USA Federal government interagency initiative.
Frank Buytendijk

BI(g) in Japan

Posted by Frank Buytendijk almost 11 years ago, 0 comments
While I am writing this, I am flying back from visiting Oracle Open World in Japan. I have spoken with many customers, and it strikes me that many of them have the same question. How have other Global organizations implemented BI and Performance Management? How have they overcome a certain problem? How can we close the gap that we have?

BI Maturity Models

Posted almost 11 years ago, 0 comments
When working with customers, the workshops about BI, data warehousing or EPM are increasingly about “maturity”. There are more customers who are beyond the phase of “business case”, or “where to start”, or “how to…”. The key question is “what’s next”.