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Timeless wisdom from the experts on KPIs & KPIs 101.
Stacey Barr

Good, Bad and Downright Ugly KPIs

Posted by Stacey Barr about 8 years ago, 3 comments
Before you can successfully find meaningful performance measures, you have to know what a good performance is. Sometimes it's easier to start by defining what ugly performance measures are, because the flipside of what makes a measure ugly helps you define what makes a measure good. These are examples I gathered from various businesses and organisations of so-called measures for a customer service goal. They are all UGLY performance measures...
Phil Green

misLeading Indicator suggests world exporting to aliens

Posted by Phil Green about 8 years ago, 0 comments
When I do calculations on a performance indicator, I usually do the calculation more than one way. This gives me a good check on my method, and gives me assurance that the indicator is meaningful if both calculations match. In some cases this task is simplified if there is some constraint that must be met, such as all the numbers being forced to add up to zero or 100%.
Stacey Barr

3 Questions to Design Your KPI Reports

Posted by Stacey Barr about 8 years ago, 0 comments
Unless your performance reports are focused on answering three critical questions, they're likely to bore you sleep, lead you astray, or confuse the begeesus out of you.
Karel van der Poel

Top 10 metrics: Power to the People

Posted by Karel van der Poel over 8 years ago, 2 comments
Here is a vision statement to help sell your performance management initiative to your executives:
“Within 12 months, every employee will be able to check their email, calendar and their personal top 10 KPIs at the breakfast table using their smartphone or tablet.”
Stacey Barr

What Exactly is KPI Alignment?

Posted by Stacey Barr over 8 years ago, 2 comments
Apparently, KPIs need to be aligned. And if you have aligned KPIs, you’re good to go. But what exactly should they align with, and why?

How To Get A KPI Quick Win, Quickly

Posted over 8 years ago, 0 comments
Paul is a Senior Executive in a large private sector company that has some KPIs but they’re not great KPIs. If you’re anything like Paul, you’re searching for quick ways to ramp up the value of and engagement in performance measurement in your organisation.