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Timeless wisdom from the experts on KPIs & Performance Measurement.
Stacey Barr

How Do You Embed Measurement, Minus The Red Tape?

Posted by Stacey Barr over 6 years ago, 1 comment
One of my Measure Up subscribers, Ben, is a performance professional in a large private sector company, with this question: "How do we embed measurement in an organisation without creating red tape?"

If You Were To Measure Christmas

Posted over 6 years ago, 2 comments
In the PuMP Measure Design technique, one of the steps is to describe the result you want to measure in sensory specific language. This is a completely new concept to just about everyone, and they usually need a demonstration of what sensory specific language is. So here goes...

5 Reasons Why Pay-For-Performance Can Never Work

Posted almost 7 years ago, 9 comments
Is the core assumption of pay-for-performance, that we can isolate the contribution of individuals on outcomes, correct? Linda Gorman, in her essay on "What's Wrong with Pay for Performance?" in the medical and education sectors, writes a compellingly and soundly evidenced argument that should have pay-for-performance advocates dropping it like a hot coal.

Tips from the Strategic Performance & Change Management Summit, Atlanta 2013

Posted almost 7 years ago, 0 comments
It's the people I met at the Strategic Performance & Change Management Summit in Atlanta in March 2013 that left the biggest impression on me. Here's what they taught me about the change process that underpins strategy and performance work...
Dan Kane

What makes for a compelling metrics story?

Posted by Dan Kane almost 7 years ago, 0 comments
In my first article Do your metrics tell a story? I discussed the “traditional” approach to reporting metrics, and why that approach is ineffective at driving action or decisions. Personal observations are far more effective. Personal observations appearing to conflict with the data presented can actually strengthen opposition to whatever decision or action the data suggests. Presenting data as part of a story reboots the way we receive data. Done well, it creates an experience very similar to personal observation. So how can we do this well? What makes a compelling metrics story?
Stacey Barr

Can Rare Events Be Meaningfully Measured?

Posted by Stacey Barr almost 7 years ago, 7 comments
Subscriber Nia B. asks: "We need to establish a measure for safety, however we have a terrific safety record and insufficient data to establish one. Is there a meaningful way to measure this?"