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Manufacturing Schedule Adherence

The absolute variance of actual production to scheduled production.



(|Scheduled Production – Actual Production|)/Scheduled Production


When manufacturing over or under produces against plan, either service level or inventory investment is adversly affected. Assertive continuous improvement programs should be in place to decrease the variance.

Unit: Percentage

Direction: Minimize

Benchmark Results

This KPI is most used for:
Operational Excellence


  1. Muzzammil Ahmad

    Manufacturing Schedule Adherence is actually a measure that how much the manufacturing is as per the schedule, so it is not like a KPI of variance but it should be written like:

    % Schedule Adherence = (Actual Production / Scheduled Production) x 100

    So, the formula you have mentioned in your post is not “Manufacturing Schedule Adherence” but actually it is “Variance in Manufacturing Schedule Adherence”

    The % schedule adherence and its variance are two separate KPIs.

  2. klaus B.

    I was looking for a plan adherence metric. Not only does the number of units stocked count. In order to understand your abillity to build a stable production schedule it is also interresting to measure if the production took place on the dates and hours it was planned for.

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