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% of orders delivered with damaged products/items

Percentage of orders delivered with damaged products/items


Unit: Percentage

Direction: Minimize

Benchmark Results

This KPI is most used for:
Operational Excellence



    what KPIs are relevant in a products handling company?

  2. The Librarian

    Please be advised that you can also post this question in the Answers section to reach a wider audience.

    best regards.

  3. Shridhar karale

    % of orders delivered with damaged products/items…….I am looking for Benchmark target for on this metrics ….We are medical device company ,would like to know.. what is benchmark on this metrics

  4. rommel cui

    do you have policy and procedure for kpi?

  5. ronald simanjuntak

    Sorry to jump, can you explain this KPI with sample?
    because this % base on quantity order per item or base on total quantity order divide total damage, very confusing.

  6. Alec Guerenstein

    Hi Ronald. I didn’t post the metric but worked with a similar ratio in the past. Just to clarify, the metric should not be sensitive to quantities delivered or rejected due to damages on the product conveyed. Instead, it’s oriented to improving the quality of service delivered to customers, and eventually shared with customers on claims discussions. Identifying the carrier can also be used to discuss improvement opportunities. Hope this helps.

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