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% of total stock that is not displayed to customers

% of total stock that is not displayed to customers (most applicable in certain retail sectors).


Unit: Percentage

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Operational Excellence


  1. Muzzammil Ahmad

    It means higher the value of this KPI sever will be the consequences in terms of loosing market share in retail business.

  2. Robert Dutton

    Sorry, but how could this metric possibly be the second most popular KPI under the Retail trade classification? Yes it is an indicator of how efficiently you manage your inventory situation but frankly there are better measurements for that. There are many retail KPI’s that are commonly used much more frequently than this one.

  3. ammar Gh

    stock not displayed to customers in fashion industry is not good stock,
    unless some basic items you need to keep stock in storage not in showroom, exp. mass retail ( they have bog quantities each size/color ).
    to evaluate this KPI you really need to know your product, and the supply chain process/time to replace.
    if items are available in one day time frame why you need to buy more stock and put it in storage " attention to market demand changes"
    so, it is a way to measure your stock level health :)

  4. yunita

    I think total stock not displayed could be compared within inventory stock turn & demand planning.. its part of them

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