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Ontime delivery and pickup [Load, stop and shipment]

% of shipments which were delivered ontime upon the total number of goods..shipments.


Unit: Percentage

Direction: Maximize

Benchmark Results

This KPI is most used for:
Operational Excellence


  1. Biswajit N.

    What are the exact dates and where they are taken from? Is it the date in PO or in confirmation by the vendor? How do you measure this if there was no vendor confirmation of delivery date? or if the confirmed date was just verbal?

  2. John C.

    Where is the data I cant see it –
    In any case OT s/b measured to (1) customer reqd date – this is absolute measure of cust. satisifaction
    (2) to confirmation date – this measures MP&C system effectiveness

    John Costeines

  3. Ghenet S.

    I am guessing this can be a tracker but not a KPI in the true sence because it is not measureable.

  4. Azmath K.

    It is measurable KPI, we use it as one of the important KPI.
    On time delivery is as measure of the date which has been agreed by seller & buyer for the goods to be delivered to buyer(depends on shipping terms, eg-exwork, on site or etc..) This date is compared to the actual date of delivery. The percentage gives the measure how close are you meeting the commited date of delivery.

  5. Marcus Bull

    time scales for delivery that i use as a KPI for maintaining my objectives set out as part of my targets this works well as we always use the S M A R T priciple to set objectives as this allows for measurement which in turn allows a basis for KPI Proof of delivery request via internet on all my delivery,s is they best way of controlling performance.

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