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Technical Value (TV) of application(s)

Level of efficient and effective technical business process adaptability of applications. Calculated by scoring (0=bad, 1=medium, 2=good) the following parameters with weighting:

  • A- Continuity of delivery organisation
  • B- Quality of organisation, processes, people and procedures
  • C- Response times to changing business goals
  • D- Quality of functional structure
  • E- Amount of corrective maintenance
  • F- Level of systems infrastructure based on standards
  • G- Level of indepencies of ICT components
  • H- User friendliness
  • I- Quality of meta definitions
  • J- Quality of technical documentation
  • K- Level of technical skills



TV= [A]weight + [B]weight + ©weight + [D]weight + [E]weight + [F]weight + [G]weight + [H]weight + [I]weight + [J]weight + [K]*weight

Direction: Maximize

This KPI is most used for:
Operational Excellence


  1. Campbell Page gives an example

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