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Mirror42 analyzes the web analytics data gathered by Google Analytics, and gives you trending insight into areas such as visitors, page views and time on site.

This data can then be combined with other sources such as Twitter, Zendesk, Highrise and/or FreshBooks in a single dashboard.

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Here’s how it works:

  • Use Google Analytics for web statistics
  • Mirror42 collects data daily from Google Analytics
  • Analyze your Google Analytics Dashboards in Mirror42
  • Start improving your web trends
  • See the evidence in Mirror42 & share with anyone: impress your managers

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If you measure your business you will outperform your competition. With Mirror42 you easily measure your metrics online and share powerful scorecards and dashboards with your co-workers.

There are pre-defined dashboard solutions for many areas such as Financial Performance, HR Performance, Sales Performance, IT Performance, Support Performance & many more.

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