Mirror42 for BMC Remedy

Mobile Reporting - Performance Scorecards

Mirror42 for BMC Remedy is an online dashboard, scorecard en mobile reporting solution for Remedy customers. Mirror42 for BMC Remedy delivers 40 out of the box KPIs (key performance indicators) for Service Management processes and measures your KPI Performance on a daily basis.

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Here’s how it works:

BMC Remedy customers install the Mirror42 data collector for BMC Remedy on their own server.

The data collector will connect to the Remedy database overnight and sent the data to the KPI Library metrics database. As a result all your scorecards and dashboards are updated.

Customers can use our mobile apps to check their KPI performance on the way to the office or login online for a full screen experience.

The data collector can also connect to any other application with a database such as SAP, Oracle, SQL server but also to other SaaS applications such as Salesforce or NetSuite.

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If you measure your business you will outperform your competition. With Mirror42 you easily measure your metrics online and share powerful scorecards and dashboards with your co-workers.