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How to make 966% return on your BI investment

Posted over 8 years ago

As IT budgets continue to shrink and expectations traditionally rise, you may be interested in finding a high yield on your IT spend. How about a 966% return on your investment? A recent examination of Nucleus Research found organizations earn an average of $10.66 for every dollar spent on deployments of analytics applications such as business intelligence (BI), performance management (PM), and predictive analytics. See here for an excerpt of the research note.

In addition to this, Nucleus Research found out that integrating their analytics applications multiple data sources pays off: “Companies that integrated their analytics applications with three or more data sources tended to achieve higher returns than organizations that integrated only one or two data sources.”

KPI Dashboard offers the world’s leading Cloud BI tool for Performance Management, allowing for integrating with multiple data sources, through one or more of the standard integrations available in the KPI Dashboard Store and the ability to set up custom integrations using the KPI Dashboard API.

Thousands of customers across the globe have experienced the power of SaaS BI for their performance management initiative. According to Nucleus, by learning more about their customers, products, and costs, these companies are in a strong position to cost effectively grow their business and thus gaing a considerable competitive advantage.

So… what are you waiting for?

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