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KPI Dashboard announces Highrise CRM Integration

Posted almost 9 years ago

It’s here: the all new Highrise Dashboard App. As pre-announced a few weeks ago, we’ve now released the integration of KPI Dashboard with 37Signals Highrise CRM application. The “Highrise Dashboard App is available in our KPI Dashboard Store.

The Highrise Dashboard app auto collects CRM metrics from your Highrise account every single day and creates a set of dashboards around your sales and support performance. You can do powerful analytics over your deals won, lost, pending, value of all the deals, win/loss ratio, time to close deals, sales performance by owner, Cases open, closed, time to close, by owner and much more. Anything you wanted to know about your Highrise data is now available.

If you are using Highrise for CRM, then visit the store to order these KPI Dashboard solutions today. You may want to check out our other integrations, e.g. Google Analytics, Zendesk, Twitter, and (soon to be released) Freshbooks. We will continue to release new integrations to the store, so stay tuned!

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