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So you need to publish your metrics by law or other regulations

Posted almost 9 years ago

Some organizations need (really need: by law or other regulations) to publish metrics regularly, for example local and regional government agencies, semi-government agencies, hospitals, insurers, government funded organizations / projects, etc. Most common methods are sharing PDF documents or using a web publishing system, or even having some programmers publish the data periodically on your web site. A lot of time and money is spent on getting first the data right, and then getting the visualization right. Most common mistakes are in publishing wrong data (due to for example wrong formulas, or due to typos).

KPI Dashboard offers a cost-effective alternative. The metrics for publication are stored in the KPI Dashboard data repository in the Cloud, and data is shared via public dashboards that can be embedded in web sites, for your own look & feel. Next to being more cost-effective, you get a nice visualization, and graph interactions to allow your visitors to dive into the data. Also, we can make the same data easily available on mobile devices, just because the data is centrally stored in the Cloud.

We have several customers that are responsible for periodic publication of data that use KPI Dashboard. One of our customers is the Dutch Land Registry Office. We help them to get data out of SAP systems on land registry activities to visualize trends in prices and sales of land and homes in the Netherlands. They embed this in their web site (warning: in Dutch but you probably get a feel for the possibilities).

Another interesting example is our Eurozone dashboard that shows the state of the Eurozone.

If you’re interested in talking to us with regard to this solution, get in contact with us.

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