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Gary Cokins

Gary Cokins

Founder and CEO - Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC

United States | Professional Services - Information, Technology

The Urgent Crowds Out the Important

Posted over 8 years ago, 0 comments
Do you ever wonder why it takes so long for organizations to adopt modern managerial methods than can help them make better decisions on a daily basis? Methods (and the software technologies that support them) such as business intelligence, analytics and balanced scorecards have proven benefits when it comes to improving an organization’s ability to quickly and accurately make decisions. However, organizations seem hesitant to adopt them. Is it analysis paralysis or brain freeze or just resistance to change?

The waiter eventually arrives with the check

Posted almost 9 years ago, 0 comments
How long can an organization survive if it keeps making mistakes? How competitive can a company be if its decisions are bad ones? Who wants to have their organization continue to perpetuate making decisions with flawed, misleading, or incomplete information?

Tried and died. One and done. Learning from failures.

Posted almost 10 years ago, 0 comments
One of the frustrations I experience is when managers or analysts share with me that their organizations tried to implement progressive management methods, and they either failed or abandoned them. A prominent example is an unsuccessful attempt to implement activity-based costing to measure and manage costs and profit levels of products, services, channels and customers. Other enterprise performance management examples include risk management, customer analytics, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and the balanced scorecard.

The CFO’s Expanding Role — Reality or Delusion?

Posted about 9 years ago, 0 comments
At some risk but to be true to myself as a blogger, I am wondering if the many references and articles of the CFO’s emerging role as a “trusted advisor’ is more hype than reality.

The Higher You Are, the Less You Know

Posted about 9 years ago, 4 comments
I recently participated in a provocative discussion thread of a website where the question was asked, “Why do executives fail to act on proposed ideas that could save a company substantial amounts of money?” I was expecting a debate between defenders of an executive team’s prudence and attackers of an executive team’s complacency and competence. To my surprise, all of the comments were of the latter type. Maybe every one of them took angry pills the day they posted their opinion.