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Gary Cokins

Gary Cokins

Founder and CEO - Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC

United States | Professional Services - Information, Technology

Kaplan and Norton’s future vision of the Balanced Scorecard

Posted about 9 years ago, 0 comments
I define Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) much broader than its narrowly perceived view as a CFO initiative with a bunch of dashboards. Under EPM’s broad umbrella are these component methodologies: (1) profitability analysis; (2) forecasting, planning, and budgeting; (3) customer intelligence; (4) process improvement; and (5) strategy execution. The last one, strategy execution, relies on strategy maps, strategic scorecards (with KPIs), and operational dashboards (with PIs).

Baseball + Analytics = Improved Performance

Posted about 9 years ago, 1 comment
How does an organization create a culture of metrics? One example is the community of baseball, including its managers, team owners, scouts, players and fans. With better information and analysis of that information, baseball teams perform better – they win!

What? So what? Then what? … Why not?

Posted over 9 years ago, 6 comments
One of the problems with analytics and business intelligence (BI) information is that these techniques do not always complete the task of solving a problem or moving to the next step of creating and realizing value. I refer to this as the syndrome of “What? So what? Then what?” My concern is that many organizations use analytics and BI to answer only the first question, but then they are stymied when it comes to answering the next two questions.

Business Analytics – Nonsense or Prudence?

Posted over 9 years ago, 1 comment
Pardon my deception by attracting you to read this blog article by stating “business analytics” in its title. Analytics are a means to an end where the end-game is enterprise performance improvement. That is, analytics are enablers, not necessarily the root cause for improvement. And there are obviously multiple other contributors to organizational improvement including having enough money to spend on improving and having good executive leadership.

The Ideology Divide Between Intuition and Fact-based Decisions

Posted over 9 years ago, 0 comments
In the USA we witness an ideology divide between its two political parties – the Republicans and Democrats. I will not risk alienating any readers by taking sides. The point I want to make is that when competing ideologies are present, the result can be gridlock with no forward action. My belief is there is currently an ideology divide between an organization’s advocates of applying analytics and those who believe that relying on a sixth sense, gut feel, and intuition is the way to best make decisions.