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Karel van der Poel
Karel van der Poel
Founder Mirror42



Why business intelligence has failed

Posted about 9 years ago

Business Intelligence has failed in the last 20 years.

There, I said it. And here is why.

1. Most businesses are still doing “monthly reporting”.
2. Most businesses are despite having purchased all the BI tools in the world still using excel and powerpoint to create their reports.
3. Spreadsheets and Presentations are extremely labor intensive and known to be full of human errors.
4. Most BI Licences are never used or hardly implemented.

BI vendors have made BI overly complex. They acquired and hardly integrated products. They have failed to make things simple, perhaps because professional services is part of the business model with partners and system integrators. They keep pushing new products that cause you to purchase new hardware as well. The new "marketing messages are that you need to purchase “Mobile Servers” and BIG DATA infrastructure. (BIG DATA? Can I have a SMALL SUMMARY?). Off course you can not install and configure these new products yourself: BIG MONEY for consulting partners…..

It is time for a change. Take a step back, a deep breath and try to answer the following question: How come that we are able to read our corporate email on any device, anywhere in the world, processed instantly and why are we unable to get to our KPI information in the same way?

Why do we agree with people who say that this is difficult, not secure, while it is clear that any executive in the world wants this and is fed up with spreadsheet management and death by details?

Why should it be difficult. You use corporate applications that contain data about Key Performance Indicators of the company so you can collect that information every day and send it to the cloud.

Not secure?
Your CEO is already reading emails about the next big deal on his mobile device. Your sales team is likely to use a SAAS based CRM system that contains all your customer data and your finance department is already using online banking functionality. How secure do you think an email attachement of the monthly Excel report actually is? Are you encrypting your email and attachments? Did you ever forwarded an email to the wrong person or attached the wrong document?

At KPI Library we don’t believe that naysayers are the people you should be listening to. At KPI Library we can help you to deliver a dashboard for your CEO that will be used, anytime on any device.

Comments (2)

Simon Gough
Simon Gough
Whangarei District Council

Hi Karel,

Nice post. I do have one question following on from this. YOur website has been saying that the Andoid App for KPI Library “is coming soon” for a while now. Are you able to give an ide of when this will be available.

Many thanks,

Posted about 9 years ago | permalink
Erik Hoffmann
Erik Hoffmann
VP Products at Mirror42

Hello Simon,

The Android app is currently in test so we expect to have it ready in a few weeks.

Best regards,
Erik Hoffmann

Posted about 9 years ago | permalink

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