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Karel van der Poel

Karel van der Poel

Founder Mirror42

United States | Technology - Software Engineering


Posted over 9 years ago, 0 comments
So what is really going on in the Eurozone? We decided to consolidate all the data from Eurostat, OECD, IMF, Worldbank and some other data resources and visualized all the key data. All numbers are in Euro’s.

Visit the Eurozone dashboard

A 7 step approach to define indicators

Posted almost 10 years ago, 4 comments
At KPI Library we are often asked to help businesses to define their measures. Since we are not a consulting business we refer most of these requests to partners and specialized consultancies that do deliver these kind of services.

How to measure customer retention?

Posted over 10 years ago, 1 comment
Customer retention is an important KPI that is used in the boardroom and at management team meetings. The KPI looks straightforward but in reality is not. How do you correctly calculate the retention of customers and what are the lessons learned? In this article the author Karel van der Poel will share his experience on how to measure retention at Mirror42 and share some of his lessons learned.

How to set realistic targets for your KPIs?

Posted over 10 years ago, 4 comments
One of the most difficult parts of Performance Management is to come up with realistic targets for your KPIs. I have seen many people confuse company goals with KPI targets.

How to measure a Software as a Service (SAAS) business

Posted almost 11 years ago, 0 comments
A couple of days ago I had the pleasure to talk to David Skok. David is a venture capitalist at Matrix Partners, a 5 time serial entrepreneur and a strong believer in the metrics driven organization. He wrote an excellent article on how to measure and manage a SAAS business: