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The Librarian

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Preview of the KPI Library Roadmap

Posted over 11 years ago, 1 comment
Since September 2007 we are working on KPI Library. What started as a website with KPI definitions has grown into the largest Performance Management Community on the planet!
With new members everyday and more or you returning, the community is becoming more interesting everyday.

Pie Charts and Gauges are bad visualisation formats.

Posted over 11 years ago, 2 comments
Most people tend to be in love with Gauges and Pie-Charts. They look nice, are colorful and create the perception of true executive dashboards. But many experts will agree that Pie Charts and Gauges are a poor visualization for KPI data and a poor visualization format for executive dashboards,


Posted over 11 years ago, 3 comments
It is often said that KPIs should be SMART. But at KPI Library we believe KPIs should be SMARTER. Let us explain:

Wisdom of crowds: 25% of KPIs now have benchmarking scores

Posted almost 12 years ago, 0 comments
We currently have benchmarking scores for 25% of KPIs listed in the library, collected in 3 months time. Amazing. This started as a test. We hoped we could use your wisdom and experience to collect some benchmarking scores. It turns out that many community members were willing to participate. Thank you.

KPI Library reaches 100.000 members!

Posted almost 12 years ago, 1 comment
Wow. This month we released over 100.000 members and we are still growing strong. This success is the result of a lot of hard work over the past 12 months.
We launched a lot of new functionality in the last couple of months and many more new features and products are coming.