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Stacey Barr

Stacey Barr

Performance Measure Specialist

Australia | Professional Services - Training, Coaching

Improve Your KPIs in Spite of What Holds You Back

Posted almost 7 years ago, 2 comments
We have lots of reasons not to measure performance: not enough time, not enough good data, not enough engagement from colleagues, not enough support from leaders, not enough clarity in our goals, not the right timing, and so on. These are all constraints. But they shouldn't be showstoppers.

What's Missing From Your KPI Framework?

Posted almost 7 years ago, 5 comments
Rhianna's organisation has a committee for their new KPI Reporting Framework project. And they've laid out an approach to consult the right people in developing new measures to align to their six strategic themes. Deadlines are set, senior leaders are supportive, the budget is approved. But chances are, they'll fail.

The REAL reason for BHAGs is NOT to achieve them!

Posted almost 7 years ago, 8 comments
Big hairy audacious goals are scary. So are stretch targets. So scary that most of the time we avoid them or ignore them. What we don't realise is, that by avoiding them because we can't guarantee we will meet them, we end up guaranteeing a fate worse than failure.

When Your KPIs Have Less Than 100% Data Integrity

Posted about 7 years ago, 2 comments
Data quality worries most users of performance measures. There is an obscene number of reported measures that only generate dialogue about how unreliable the underlying data is, rather than how performance can be improved.

Essential Resources For Proper Performance Measurement

Posted about 7 years ago, 0 comments
Performance measurement done well takes a bit of effort and a bit of time - more effort and time that we can fit into and around all the other things we're doing...