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Phil Green

Phil Green

author, misLeading Indicators: How to Reliably Measure Your Business

Canada | Professional Services - Business Consulting

You do not have a weight, but you talk as if you do

Posted almost 11 years ago, 0 comments
It’s the New Year, you are back from the holidays, and you stand on the scale to measure your weight to see what the effect was of some over-indulgences over the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Will “happiness” measurements mean anything?

Posted almost 11 years ago, 12 comments
The British and French governments have announced recently that they wish to measure their citizens’ happiness. Presumably once they have measured it they will create government programs to make their voters happier if they do not meet the happiness targets.  This is prompted by concerns that GDP is not a good measure of citizens’ well being.

How dashboards mislead

Posted almost 11 years ago, 5 comments
The dashboards commonly used to display business key performance indicators (KPI) conjure up images of automobile dashboards or airplane instrument panels. Try an Internet search on “dashboard” and you will find dozens of business software products that arrange KPIs on dials on dashboards or instrument panels.

When key performance indicators do not indicate what you think they indicate

Posted almost 11 years ago, 1 comment
Often companies develop scorecards or business performance management dashboards that are full of indicators that supposedly indicate what they say they indicate. For example, one metric might be “on time delivery”.