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Erik Hoffmann

Erik Hoffmann

VP Products at Mirror42

Netherlands | Professional Services - Information, Technology

The illusion of a Business Process

Posted over 8 years ago, 3 comments
Without KPIs you do not actually have defined a business process; you have the illusion of a business process.

Trust data instead of your intuition

Posted almost 9 years ago, 0 comments
We overlook data, and we do not trust it. Instead we humans prefer to operate based on intuition. This may work in life-threatening situations as coming across a mountain lion. It does not work when we try to plan or otherwise organize.

Measuring Performance creates the Right Mindset

Posted almost 9 years ago, 104 comments
If businesses aim for improvement, and I guess most businesses do, they cannot do without communication about business performance to create the right mindset in the organization.

Find signals in the midst of noise

Posted about 9 years ago, 0 comments
Data becomes information not only when it informs, but when it also informs at the right time. This requires a different mindset on business metric reporting, and a different technology approach.

A Graph Selection Matrix

Posted over 9 years ago, 2 comments
Do you have a hard time choosing the appropriate visualization for your data based on the goal of the visualization?