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Paul Niven

Paul Niven

Performance Management Expert

United States | Professional Services - Business Consulting

Rock Your Business

Posted about 7 years ago, 1 comment
There’s a lesson in his response for all of us involved in the development and execution of strategy – and that means every employee from the CEO on down. Our equivalent of “classic songs” and “hits” are the products and services we’ve been providing for many years and the accompanying processes we’ve relied upon to “get things done.” Sometimes we become so enamored with our “classic” products that they become almost sacred, and we continue to churn them out regardless of whether or not our audience – paying customers - is ready for something new and different.

The Serious Downside of Working Lunches

Posted about 8 years ago, 2 comments
A mid-day break is essential in restoring the energy and focus necessary to tackle the pressing problems most of us encounter in our day-to-day work lives. “The attention it takes to focus at work drains (people) of psychological, social, and material reserves, leading to stress and lower productivity. Taking a lunch break away from the desk lets people separate themselves from the source of that drain.”

You Can't Execute a Strategy That Doesn't Exist

Posted about 8 years ago, 3 comments
Want to improve the odds of strategy execution? Ask any executive that question and they’re certain to nod in enthusiastic agreement. Well, I have one piece of can’t miss advice that will ensure you beat the oft-cited statistics of execution failure. Here it is: Have a well-understood strategy and communicate it widely.

Performance Measures are Everywhere

Posted over 8 years ago, 0 comments
One of the many benefits of performance measurement is its ability to help us understand and provide context to the past. Most modern organizations, which find themselves drowning in a sea of raw data while yearning for real insights, would undoubtedly agree this attribute of measurement provides a vital service. However, the very best performance measures also allow us to extend our gaze into, and therefore plan for, the future.

Three Resolutions for Every Leader

Posted almost 9 years ago, 2 comments
As the new year fast approaches, many of us will be thinking about how we can change our lives for the better in 2013, and make a number of resolutions accordingly. For all of you leaders out there (and really, we’re all leaders in one capacity or another), here are three resolutions I suggest you consider, to improve your organizational performance.