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Bernard Marr

Bernard Marr


United Kingdom | Education

Is Facebook taking measurement and data analytics too far?

Posted over 7 years ago, 3 comments
Measurement and analysis gives companies the ability to understand their customers and markets better, improve internal efficiencies, and much more. Having access to more data usually means better insights. However, are companies like Facebook overstepping the mark by exploiting our private information?

10 Awesome Ways Big Data Is Used Today To Change Our World

Posted over 7 years ago, 0 comments
The term ‘Big Data’ is as massive in management and technology as Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus are in music. Like with other mega buzzwords, many say big data is all talk and no action. This couldn’t be further from the truth. With this post, I want to show how big data is used today to add real value.

What The Hell is... Big Data?

Posted about 8 years ago, 3 comments
Big Data is THE biggest buzzwords around at the moment and I believe big data will change the world. Some say it will be even bigger than the Internet. What’s certain, big data will impact everyone's life. Having said that, I also think that the term 'big data' is not very well defined and is, in fact, not well chosen. Let me use this article to explain what's behind the massive 'big data' buzz and demystify some of the hype.

Big Data and Robots - together they might challenge you for your job

Posted over 8 years ago, 1 comment
Put together robots with big data analytics and you have a powerful mix that could challenge us for most of our jobs. Big data analytics allows us to leverage large amounts of structured and unstructured as well as fast-moving data such as real time conversations on text, email and social media, video images, photos, data from location sensors in our phones, etc. Put this ability into a robot and they will not just threaten to replace lower-skilled jobs such as assembly line workers or supermarket personnel but now they have their eyes on doctors, pilots and journalists too!

Creating a Vision and Mission Statement

Posted over 9 years ago, 0 comments
I’ve been asked by the editor of Qualtiyworld to write a short piece on how you develop a company’s vision and mission. Here is a quick summary: