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Timeless wisdom from the experts on KPIs & KPIs 101.
Michael Taplin

How to create a KPI system

Posted by Michael Taplin over 10 years ago, 1 comment
Having developed a unique KPI model, there are 6 steps to ensure that it works, that the selected KPIs are taking you in the desired direction, before you invest in hard wiring it into your management system.
Phil Green

The numbers from your performance indicators cannot tell the whole story

Posted by Phil Green over 10 years ago, 3 comments
Consider the figure below, which shows the KPI (key performance indicator) “inventory age in days” for 20 months. Looking at the chart raises a lot of questions. Why did inventory age shoot up by almost 40% between the 7th month and the 9th?   Why did it suddenly drop down again? Why was there much more variability in the middle months than in the beginning and end?
Michael Taplin

Three steps to make KPI management work better.

Posted by Michael Taplin over 10 years ago, 0 comments
The first in a series of three articles on how to solve the three most difficult problems in adopting a KPI management system. This deals with the problem of selecting the real KPIs.
Stacey Barr

KPI Data Integrity Depends on 5 Rs

Posted by Stacey Barr over 10 years ago, 0 comments
You depend on the quality of data and information to provide a stable foundation for your decision making. Decision making often involves responding to something, so you need your data to validly describe what you are responding to so that you choose the right responses.
Erik Hoffmann

Performance management: one word - Start

Posted by Erik Hoffmann over 10 years ago, 1 comment
I believe that business performance management is all about starting. There are most likely more reasons not to start, than to just start.
Karel van der Poel

How to measure customer retention?

Posted by Karel van der Poel over 10 years ago, 1 comment
Customer retention is an important KPI that is used in the boardroom and at management team meetings. The KPI looks straightforward but in reality is not. How do you correctly calculate the retention of customers and what are the lessons learned? In this article the author Karel van der Poel will share his experience on how to measure retention at Mirror42 and share some of his lessons learned.