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KPI Expert Blogs

Timeless wisdom from the experts on KPIs & Dashboards.
Stacey Barr

Why Dashboard Dials and Gauges Are Useless for KPIs

Posted by Stacey Barr over 7 years ago, 8 comments
Stephen Few's arguments about dashboard gauges and dials can be summed up nicely in his own words: they "say little and do so poorly". Agreed. But there's one specific reason that gauges and dials totally suck when it comes to KPIs.

4 Design Principles For Usable Performance Reports

Posted over 7 years ago, 3 comments
Performance reports that are put together with two font styles – one for the normal text and one for the headings – aren’t just boring and monotonous to the eye. They are also hard to navigate, and make it quite a challenge to find the information you need rapidly and frustration-free.

Are Sparklines Smart Lines?

Posted over 8 years ago, 6 comments
They’re so hot right now, sparklines. They thankfully bring some sanity to performance dashboards (goodbye goofy gauges). But they do have a limitation no-one seems to be talking about…
The Librarian

Webinar: “Gain perspective and improve your business with KPI Dashboards”

Posted by The Librarian almost 9 years ago, 0 comments
Improving business performance is about knowing where you where, are and are going to be in relation to your business goals and targets. Measuring business metrics or Key Performance Indicators is about measuring your progress towards these goals.
Klaasjan Doeswijk

Why time stamping is key for analytical and tactical reports and dashboards

Posted by Klaasjan Doeswijk almost 9 years ago, 0 comments
Daniel Senter recently published an article on the Process Excellence Network clarifying the difference between operational versus tactical and analytical reporting. And that it is time for Business Intelligence managers to understand the difference so they can help organizations/ the business to decide on the type of reporting needed and how the information is to be used to determine data refresh frequencies, metrics for analysis and reporting type. The title of his article is therefore ‘If you want real time dashboards? Make sure you know when to use them’.

Still managing your organization based on spreadsheets?

Posted almost 9 years ago, 0 comments
Do you use Excel and/or Powerpoint to create you reports, despite having acquired BI solutions? And are you happy with static reporting period to drive your business? Are you really OK to base your day-to-day decisions on outdated – and possibly erroneous – data?