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KPI Expert Blogs

Timeless wisdom from the experts on KPIs & Strategy.
Erik Hoffmann

Why don’t more employees do what they are supposed to do?

Posted by Erik Hoffmann about 9 years ago, 1 comment
Results of a survey show that (only) 14% of employees understand the companies strategy and direction.
Paul Niven

The New Strategic Imperative - Dual Value Propositions

Posted by Paul Niven about 9 years ago, 3 comments
When it comes to answering the all-important strategic question of “What is our value proposition?” I’ve always believed any private, public sector or nonprofit organization should choose one of three possibilities: operational excellence (resulting in low costs), product leadership (best product, often achieved through constant innovation), or customer intimacy (best service/best relationship). This rationale, one shared by many experts, is that focusing on more than one at the same time will lead to contradictory investment choices, misaligned processes, and ultimately produce a fog of confusion over your employees and customers who don’t know what the company stands for.
Bernard Marr

Creating a Vision and Mission Statement

Posted by Bernard Marr about 9 years ago, 0 comments
I’ve been asked by the editor of Qualtiyworld to write a short piece on how you develop a company’s vision and mission. Here is a quick summary:
Gary Cokins

An analytics story problem: When will two trains collide?

Posted by Gary Cokins about 9 years ago, 1 comment
In my mind there are two pre-requisites to problem solving: (1) first frame the problem or opportunity, and (2) then perform the analysis.
Karel van der Poel

Top 10 metrics: Power to the People

Posted by Karel van der Poel about 9 years ago, 2 comments
Here is a vision statement to help sell your performance management initiative to your executives:
“Within 12 months, every employee will be able to check their email, calendar and their personal top 10 KPIs at the breakfast table using their smartphone or tablet.”
Stacey Barr

Should You Measure Your Mission?

Posted by Stacey Barr about 9 years ago, 4 comments
Vision and mission statements these days have reduced to a pedestrian, cliched, insipid product of jumping through strategic planning hoops. They've lost the ability to unite masses of people for a shared cause and imbued more cynicism into workforces. Ironically, the main reason that people will refuse to measure their vision or mission is the claim that they are deliberately broad for aspirational purposes and deliberately vague so everyone can find their own meaning in them. Being broad and vague means being immeasurable. Can you even tell which type of company the following mission statements belong to, let alone how to measure them?