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KPI Expert Blogs

Timeless wisdom from the experts on KPIs & Strategy.
Paul Niven

A Wake Up Call for Catalytic Mechanisms

Posted by Paul Niven about 9 years ago, 3 comments
Last night, around 2 am, my wife and I were awakened from our slumber by a beeping sound. It probably took two or three beeps to register, then we were both awake, and irritated enough, to realize it was repeating in a pattern. This wasn’t some rogue electronic device chirping out a random message, but an annoying and consistent message, requiring attention. Groggy as we were, we soon realized the culprit: a smoke detector battery that needed, no it demanded, to be changed. Have you ever noticed these things always decide to go off in the middle of the night?
robert champagne

I’ve Got Your Number- The simple touches that are redefining “WOW”

Posted by robert champagne about 9 years ago, 0 comments
Of all the business functions discussed in the arena of performance improvement over the years, Customer Service has certainly gotten its fair share. But lately, with the rapidly growing range of new enabling technologies, and an accelerated adoption rate that shows these technologies are starting to take root, we are now seeing some of the best performance “breakout” stories since the legendary FedEx, Nordstrom, and Toyota (Lexus) case studies of the 90’s.
Gary Cokins

Baseball + Analytics = Improved Performance

Posted by Gary Cokins about 9 years ago, 1 comment
How does an organization create a culture of metrics? One example is the community of baseball, including its managers, team owners, scouts, players and fans. With better information and analysis of that information, baseball teams perform better – they win!
Bernard Marr

How Key Performance Indicators drive business success…and make you slim, fit and have shiny teeth

Posted by Bernard Marr over 9 years ago, 2 comments
People often asked me: Bernard, does measuring performance really help us improve? Can KPIs and metrics make a tangible difference in our businesses? And my answer is always a big and resounding YES!
Paul Niven

Do Government "Customers" Have a Choice?

Posted by Paul Niven over 9 years ago, 2 comments
In many ways I believe the essence of strategy lies in the choice of a singular value proposition, or determining how you will balance your resources across the spectrum of choices. What is a value proposition? It’s the determination made by any organization of how they propose to create or add value for their customers. It helps answer the question: “Why would people buy from or work with us?” Traditionally, three choices have been available: Low Cost (through operational excellence), Product Leadership (supplying the best product or service through innovation and technological superiority), and Customer Intimacy (best value derived from outstanding service and relationship building).
robert champagne

2011- Year of the Squirrel

Posted by robert champagne over 9 years ago, 0 comments
Squirrel moments happen all around us, and with greater frequency than we’d care to admit. As flawed human beings, it’s easy for us to get sidetracked from what we should be doing, by some urgent new distraction that seems terribly critical in the moment. Yet most of us eventually manage to refocus, once we become aware (through our own cognitive skills or because a friend or colleague points it out to us) of how badly the squirrel moment has driven us off-course. Typically it is the speed with which we are able to re-calibrate ourselves that ultimately determines the degree of damage, if any, that is caused by the distraction.