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Timeless wisdom from the experts on KPIs & Strategy.
robert champagne

Beyond KPI’s : Measuring the “execution” of your plan…

Posted by robert champagne almost 10 years ago, 0 comments
I am always amazed at the number of organizations that equate Performance Management with measuring only business results and a handful of supporting KPI’s, and calling it quits. Performance Management is much more than that, and I would argue that if that is the extent of your PM program, you have a pretty good chance of doing more harm than good.
Gary Cokins

Rules for Assuring Poor Performance

Posted by Gary Cokins almost 10 years ago, 4 comments
In 1773 Benjamin Franklin, one of the USA’s founding fathers, wrote a pamphlet aimed at the royalty of England titled Rules by Which a Great Empire May Be Reduced to a Small One. Satire is one way to get your point across. I apply my own style of satire here to appeal to organizations to cease their hesitation and skepticism and embrace the benefits of applying business analytics and enterprise performance management. I apologize in advance if I offend anyone, but sometimes there is truth in humor.
Michael Taplin

Business Plans, Business Models or KPI Models?

Posted by Michael Taplin almost 10 years ago, 4 comments
Is it possible to capture the essence of a unique business model in a single spreadsheet model? Could this simple step reveal new insight on what is really important. Do written business plans really help the entrepreneur?
Bernard Marr

Grimsvotn: Or why you should take your CEO to the doctor to improve performance and boost intelligence

Posted by Bernard Marr almost 10 years ago, 0 comments
Intelligent companies like Google, Tesco, or eBay understand that there is only one reason why they are measuring or reporting anything: To improve performance! Intelligent companies all have leadership teams that value data-driven insights as they know that those will lead to better decision-making and improved performance. Performance improvements can mean boosting profits, increasing effectiveness or taking out inefficiencies. Just to spell it out: when economic times are hard fact-based decision making and performance improvements are not a ‘nice to have’ but sheer necessity to ensure survival.
Karel van der Poel

A 7 step approach to define indicators

Posted by Karel van der Poel about 10 years ago, 4 comments
At KPI Library we are often asked to help businesses to define their measures. Since we are not a consulting business we refer most of these requests to partners and specialized consultancies that do deliver these kind of services.
Stacey Barr

The 5 Essential Parts of a Dust-Repellant Strategic Plan

Posted by Stacey Barr about 10 years ago, 0 comments
Lots of strategic plans and operational plans are full of motherhood goals, vague strategies and - if they are even considered at all - measures or KPIs that don't track anything useful. No wonder these plans sit on shelves and gather dust.