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Paul Niven

Putting the "Soft" in Balanced Scorecard Software Selection

Posted by Paul Niven over 11 years ago, 4 comments
When it comes to advice about choosing Balanced Scorecard software, most writers and practitioners tend to focus their examination on an organization’s perceived technical requirements, spending pages outlining what the prudent investor should look for in the way of analytics, compatibility with other systems, drill-down capabilities, and dozens of other intricate considerations. No one will dispute the importance of a robust technical environment, and, in fact many software vendors rely almost exclusively on their product’s technological functionality to win over new clients. But is a technologically advanced solution really what you need from a Scorecard software solution?
Frank Buytendijk

Does Database Matter?

Posted by Frank Buytendijk over 11 years ago, 0 comments
"Infrastructure is everything below the level I care about". For developers that would consist of the network and the hardware, for the CEO of the company, probably all of IT would fit under that definition. And given the fact that...