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Brand strength

Measures brand stability, relation to market leaders, profitability, geographical spread, and protection.


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Direction: Maximize

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Cost Leadership


  1. A H.

    How can you measure brand strength?

  2. Christian U.

    A good approach to measure brand strength comes from Riesenbeck and Perrey with the brand funnel method similiar to the purchase funnel. For the measurement of the items quantitative research questions are used:

    1)Brand awareness: Do you know brand x (aided awareness)?

    2)Familiarity: How familiar are you with the brand x?

    3)Consideration: Would you consider brand x when buying a e.g. telephone?

    4)Purchase: Have you already purchased brand x?

    5)Loyalty: Would you repurchase brand x again?

    All these items give you a certain percentage based on the research results for example:

    1) Brand awareness 80%
    2) Familiarity 60%
    3) Consideration 40%
    4) Purchase 25%
    5) Loyalty15%

    Given the results it can know be interfered where the transfer rates from one step to the next are insufficient and outlines therefore weak spots that need to be improved. To get an even better picture you do the same for your 2 main competitors and compare there performance with yours.

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