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First-call resolution rate

Percentage of customer issues that were solved by the first phone call.



[customer issue solved in first phone call] percentage of [total customer issues]


Customer issues solved by the customer in the first call will effect customer satisfaction and support costs positively.

Unit: Percentage

Direction: Maximize

Benchmark Results

This KPI is most used for:
Operational Excellence


  1. Carrie P.

    Can you tell me how you are measuring this?

  2. The Librarian

    In practice, i think measuring this correctly depends on the underlying registration system for customer issues. If customer issues are re-opened in the registration system, the number of un-reopened customer issues could be counted. If no correlation exists between the first call and follow-up calls, it would be hard to measure. But maybe, someone else in the KPI community has guidelines?

  3. The Librarian

    Maybe this blog post is of interest with regard to first call resolution: First Call Resolution: Great Principle, Hard to Apply

  4. Mutaz Hamama
  5. Preechachai Chauychoo

    Now a day there is many software to record the calls. Please explore it. It is really measurable

  6. Robert Eastwell

    Sometimes the software doesn’t reflect the metric accurately though. For example, if the software reports ‘fixed on first’ as opened and closed in the same action then it will be largely innacurate.

    If an Analyst opens an incident record and works on it while on the phone, there may be multiple entries in the record.

    Perhaps a measure of closed by first level within x minutes of being logged better reflects first-call resolution rate?

  7. Michael Carper

    This is the absolute worst metric of performance ever used for the service desk. It absolutely destroys problem management by allowing the service desk to horde incidents that they can resolve quickly and never allowing problem managers to see it. Conversely, if problem management works well – eliminating recurring incidents – the service desk’s first call resolution will drop.

    The better approach is to measure the service desk on the “percentage of incident cases related to problems”. Drive that towards 100%. First call resolution will drop – but so will repeat incidents and most likely the incident volume.

  8. Marcel Barat

    Hi Michael,

    I am not sure I understand what you mean by percentage of incident cases related to problems. Could you elaborate ? BTW I agree that this metric is not good or rather does not help improving the overall efficiency of a support organization. Thanks . Marcel

  9. Glenn Friesen

    This resource may be of interest, with regard to first call resolution: First Call Resolution (FCR). The post describes FCR, it’s advantages, and disadvantages.

  10. wang wenyan

    It’s very good

  11. Gavin Espin

    Limiting the scope of ‘what is fixable on first’ is another approach to ensure this KPI/SL is achievable, particularly if customers set high targets (e.g. > 70%). You may want to define ‘fixable on first’ as only those incidents/requests that have a corresponding knowledge article. This then puts the spotlight on Knowledge Management (which is not a bad thing).

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