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Frank Buytendijk
Frank Buytendijk
Vice President and Fellow, Enterprise Performance Management at Oracle


Best Practices, No Thank You!

Posted about 11 years ago

I started videoblogging. Please check my first videoblog on “Best Practices” here.


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Ulises Chacon
Sr. at BlockNetworks

Dear Frank,

I think you miss the point of a “Best Practice”, is not a Law, it only help those how need guideance, and works like a medicine, does not apply to all and needs the recomendation of an expert.

Ulises Chacón, ITIL Expert.

Posted about 11 years ago | permalink
Gary Cokins
Gary Cokins
Founder and CEO - Analytics-Based Performance Management LLC


I will shamelessly borrow your “next practices” rather than “best practices” description in your video.

You began your video with a reference to the management guru, C.K. Prahalad. Sadly, he recently passed away. I wrote a reflection of his life with references to our mutual topic of performance management at:


Gary Cokins, SAS

Posted about 11 years ago | permalink

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