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Frank Buytendijk
Frank Buytendijk
Vice President and Fellow, Enterprise Performance Management at Oracle


Making BI A Profitable Activity

Posted about 11 years ago

Sometimes, the business case for BI can be overwhelmingly clear: BI can contribute to the top line by itself, by treating it as a product or service for customers. Take a look at this videoblog to find out how.


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John C.
John C.

This is a nice overview of the potential business models surrounding BI. However, the business case is somewhat different, and this is where vendors often miss the mark when pitching a BI project.

The real question that needs to be answered is, “What is the value of a better decision?” The features of BI can typically be translated into types of improvement made to specific decisions. When the value here is high and quantifiable, the software and infrastructure are an easy sell. When they are low or vague, best of luck.

Consider this in your next pitch, and as always, feel free to contact me for any assistance.

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