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New features in KPI Dashboard

Posted about 10 years ago

We have recently released a bunch of nice new features in KPI Dashboard.

A restyle of scorecards

We have restyled the scorecards of Indicators. It not only looks much nicer it allows also better analysis of scores.

An improved way of entering scores

We have improved the way scores are entered manually by mirroring Excel-like data entry. Of course, scores can also be entered either via an CSV file upload, or using our API.

3 new chart types for breakdowns

We have added some new chart types to the already extensive range of chart types that can be included on the dashboards.

Automated aggregation of scores

We have added automated aggregation of scores over pre-selected periods. This allows to automatically calculate sums and averages over periods of scores, to create scores such as the cumulative sum over a year, or the average over the last 4 quarters.

And many more new features such as the ability to set more colors to brand KPI Dashboard as your own, and the ability to quickly see which KPIs have been imported / linked from KPI Library.

Happy Holidays from the Mirror42 team | the people behind KPI Library.

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