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New KPI Dashboard Plans, Pricing and Features

Posted over 9 years ago

We have introduced new plans, pricing and features for KPI Dashboard.

New plans and pricing
We are introducing a new pricing structure. Existing customers will benefit from this new structure: All customers (Small, Medium, Large or Partner Edition) are upgraded to the new KPI Dashboard PRO edition with full functionality without a price increase. The total number of users in your KPI Dashboard subscription will remain the same. The Pro-edition will have volume discounts for users, making it more attractive for you to roll out KPI Dashboard to everybody in your company.

New Features

We are proud to announce the following new features for Pro customers:

Get notified with thresholds

You can now configure thresholds for your indicators. When a threshold is exceeded, the system sent a message to your team members.

Stay on top with weekly email

Every week your team members will receive an auto-email with the results of your key indicators and all messages of the week.

Lay-out improvement of Dashboards

All dashboards are now centered just like the rest of the application. If you are using more then 2 columns, there will be a left and right overflow.

Full Branding

All PRO customers will have their own dedicated and customizable login URL so you can truly embed KPI Dashboard in your own service offering. (Was already available for KPI Dashboard Partner editions).

Setup dashboards for all your customers / business lines

You can now purchase multiple KPI Dashboard environments and access them via your dedicated login URL. This will you as a customer to embed KPI Dashboard in your service offerings or setup dedicated dashboard environments for every business line.

We hope you enjoy these new features and are looking forward to implement more great ideas that you have given us in the last couple of months.

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