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ServiceNow and Mirror42 use case by Logicalis SMC

Posted about 8 years ago

Our partner Logicalis SMC posted an interesting post on their blog describing a use case using Mirror42 with ServiceNow.

Go to the post: KPI’s, performance, reporting, ServiceNow and Mirror42

It describes the strengths of Mirror42 as follows:

  • Ease of Use: in Mirror42 it is easy to define your Performance Indicators, setup dashboards, define new Performance Indicators and collect data for them

  • Cloud-based: Mirror42 is a SaaS solution, which means the application, servers and databases are managed remotely by Mirror42. Customers will get access to the Mirror42 application, in which all necessary actions can be taken.

  • Quick to deploy: Mirror42 can be deployed rather quickly in a few days. We have recently installed a Proof of Concept (PoC) for one of our customers on the Incident Management process in just 2 days. This is including setting up the environment, which means it is just another few days to deploy Performance Indicators and dashboards for other processes, such as Change Management, Problem Management and Request Management.

  • Integration with ServiceNow: One of the major strengths of Mirror42 is that it has developed a GUI-integration with ServiceNow. Once installed, the scorecards and dashboards of Mirror42 will show itself as a separate application within ServiceNow. This means that users do not have to switch to another application to view the reports; they can simply open them from within their ServiceNow instance.

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