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Sneak-preview of things to come…

Posted almost 10 years ago

Now that we have moved to our new offices it is time to share some thoughts on things to come for KPI Dashboard. We have just released a bunch of new features, and we’re now finishing some new and interesting stuff.

We’re actively working on a market place for KPIs and dashboard content templates for business processes and industry verticals. This content can be automatically loaded, like an iPhone app, into KPI Dashboard. We are working with some initial content providers, but the market place will, in the course of this year, be open to any provider with interesting KPI Dashboard content.

One of the most difficult tasks in setting up a performance dashboard is selecting the KPIs and building an easy to read dashboard. The market place will offer templates to get KPI Dashboard customers started with a good set of KPIs and dashboards. Of course, most templates are based on the 5000+ listed KPIs in KPI Library, giving all kinds of additional information such as benchmark scores from KPI Benchmark.

In a parallel track we are also developing standard data interfaces with various data sources. These will also be available in the market place, as content with KPIs and dashboards. This enables customers to feed the dashboards automatically by simply loading the integration. Of course, other providers will be able to offer their data interfaces and content also in the market place.

So, an exciting begin of this year.

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