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Klaasjan Doeswijk
Klaasjan Doeswijk

Still managing your organization based on spreadsheets?

Posted over 8 years ago

Do you use Excel and/or Powerpoint to create you reports, despite having acquired BI solutions? And are you happy with static reporting period to drive your business? Are you really OK to base your day-to-day decisions on outdated – and possibly erroneous – data?

Producing spreadsheets and presentations are extremely labor intensive and known to be full of human errors. At the same time, BI vendors in the past have made BI overly complex. They have failed to make reporting simple and actionable.

It is time for a change. Take a step back, a deep breath and try to answer the following question: How is it possible that we are able to read our corporate email on any device, anywhere in the world, processed instantly and why are we unable to get to our KPI information in the same way?

What’s the deal?

The deal is simple and powerful. You provide us with a representative sample of your current excel based performance reports, we convert those into your own Cloud test-environment, providing you access to your very own performance information through online dashboard and mobile apps.

Your dashboards is accessible for 30 days. If you decide you want to go forward, we will provide you with an implementation plan for your whole set of reports and for integrating your dashboard straight to your data sources whenever possible.


Depends. If you are willing to invest 4,995 Euro in a personalized KPI dashboard test-environment, you can avoid the risk of basing your decisions on faulty, outdated spreadsheets. Did you know that research shows that 90% of all spreadsheets with more than 150 rows contains significant errors? Surely, you wouldn’t want to run the risk of basing your decisions on that.


Why would it be difficult? You are already using corporate applications that contain data about Key Performance Indicators of the company. We have the capabilities to collect that information on a daily basis and send it to the Cloud.


Your CEO is already reading emails about the next big deal on his mobile device. Your sales team is likely to use a SaaS based CRM system that contains all your customer data. Your finance department uses online banking functionality.

KPI Library have taken the highest levels of security precautions, ensuring its technology is as safe as online banking.

How to get started?

Together with KPI Library, BearingPoint delivers on the promise of Performance Management in the Cloud. We can help you to deliver a dashboard for your CEO that will be used, anytime and on any device.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you by simply sending an email to

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