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Frank Buytendijk
Frank Buytendijk
Vice President and Fellow, Enterprise Performance Management at Oracle


The New Journal of Management Excellence is out!

Posted about 12 years ago

We just published the fifth issue already of the Journal of Management Excellence, and you can download it here.

The theme is “creating value”, like the theme of issue #4 as well. The topic has so many facets, it was impossible to deal with them all in a single issue. In fact, as creating value is the bottom line for Enterprise Performance Management, we could continue to fill the JME with the same theme for many issues to come.

The following numbers are important in reading JME#5: 2.4, 5.13 and 3.

2.4 is the number of times that world-class EPM companies outperform others in terms of equity market return. I wouldn’t dare imply causality: if you adopt EPM, your return improves. However, the correlation is striking. There are many possible explanations. For example, EPM helps you take or maintain control and this improves return. Alternatively, a good return enables you to invest in EPM much more. The article from Tom Willman, from The Hackett Group, indicates that this explanation is less likely. A third explanation is simply having good management explains both the success with EPM as well as a higher return.

5.13 (on a scale of 1 to 10) is the score of Oracle’s first EPM index. Steve Walker provides some commentary around the most important findings. Jim Franklin introduced the concept of uncertaintly management in JME#1, and now revisits the topic. Tony Politano describes how analysis chains can help create value. Ron Dimon of Business Foundation, has contributed a very detailed article on how to build the business case for creating value with EPM and Mark Conway provides an overview of industry insights, as he does in every issue.

What about the number 3, you ask? The number 3 is the number of articles that partners and industry experts contributed to this JME issue. Next to the outstanding contributions of The Hackett Group and Business Foundation, Wayne Eckerson, the director of research of TDWI, wrote a guest commentary on build versus buy, and how both can create value.

Cranfield University School of Management, Balanced Scorecard Collaborative, CapGemini, Deloitte, Decision Management Solutions, The Hackett Group, Business Foundation, TDWI.

This is an impressive list of contributors over the last five issues, and I’d like to see it grow even more. Interested in contributing? Let me know.


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