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Karel van der Poel
Karel van der Poel
Founder Mirror42



Top 10 metrics: Power to the People

Posted about 9 years ago

Here is a vision statement to help sell your performance management initiative to your executives:
“Within 12 months, every employee will be able to check their email, calendar and their personal top 10 KPIs at the breakfast table using their smartphone or tablet.”

This is exactly what I believe needs to happen in businesses big or small. Performance management needs to become personal, simple and directly effective. We need to put business metrics in the hands of the people who do the work and drive performance and make sure that KPIs leave the ivory tower called the boardroom.

The mobile revolution is enabling this. The mobile revolution is driving the “consumerization” of business. Checking your key metrics should not be any different then checking stock prices, news, the weather or your email. Just an "App on your iPhone / iPad / Android, always up to date. Just imagine what it would do for your company if every single employee would have access to the top 10 metrics every morning before they start their day. Would that change the working attitude and culture of your company in a positive way? Would that drive performance improvements? I bet it would.

In the last 20 years “Balanced Scorecard / Corporate Performance Management / Link goals to strategy to cascading leading / lagging KPIs to CSF’s to KGI/KRI to metrics, Six Sigma, continuous improvement”, (did I lose you already?) projects have failed more then they succeeded.

It’s time for a new approach. To quote Einstein: “Lets make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

At KPI Library we are enabling this vision, together with our customers. Feel free to drop me a line if you want to know how this could work for your business.

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Paul Ousterhout
Paul Ousterhout
Cliintel, LLC

Karel – that’s a beautiful vision. And the end result surely seems to fit the Einstein quote.

But (why does there always have to be a ‘but’) getting to that result can be anything but simple. Today’s large organizations have dozens of silo’d Operational/Billing support systems, with valuable information tucked away in each of them. The political hurdles to simply gaining access to ETL the data can be formidable, let alone the achievement of the monumental ‘source of truth’ moniker for the actual KPIs.

These are a couple of the difficult technical hurdles, what about the human ones?

Getting a large population of employees to adopt a potentially strict measurement platform is difficult. Getting them to take the next steps and energetically strive to improve their performance based on the KPIs is beyond difficult.

What I’m really trying to say is that the real successes come from the adoption of measurements by individual human beings, and the subsequent efforts they make to improve their performance.

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menco van der weerd
menco van der weerd
transamerica life canada

The dominant thinking still seems to be that KPI’s are a top down entity that we tend to call “strict measurement platform” and that people somehow have to accept. I really don’t want to adopt, I want to contribute!
To me the interesting perspective of “Power to the People” is that the mobile revolution will enable you to identify your own KPI’s and track those. Potentially integrating goals and metrics for your private life and your business life.

The perspective that we can put on the table now is: how well do the strategic goals of the organization align with the personal KPI’s of all the members of the organization. Analyzing Big Data and unstructured data will allow for creation of a clear picture.
When there is lack of alignment we have a great opportunity to improve this. Which should mean that the corporate goals could move to accomodate what the people want, or the people align their own KPI’s a bit more towards the existing goals.

Currently the people generally have no real way of knowing what the executives want and how to contribute.

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